BG Fuel and Air Induction Cleaning Service

Gasoline quality is unstable and the prices are even worse. Unfortunately, when gas at the pump is poor quality, it can cause carbon to buildup in your fuel system. That buildup can cause inefficient combustion which means poor power and a noticeable drop in gas mileage.

BG Cooling System Flush

Coolant is depleted of buffering ingredients and becomes extremely corrosive, literally eating holes in cooling system components. By-products of corrosion damage, as well as rust and scale, clog the passageways that conduct the water through the radiator and choke off the flow. This may result in an overheated engine that may be damaged beyond repair.

BG Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

Some say transmissions are only good for a certain number of miles, depending on the vehicle. At BG, we know it doesn’t have to be that way.
Inadequate fluid protection is the number one cause for premature transmission failure. Regular maintenance with the BG Transmission Service can prevent your transmission from sticking, shuddering and even failing!
The service takes just 30 minutes every 30,000 miles (50,000 km). It’s worth it to keep one of the hardest working components of your vehicle shifting smoothly and effortlessly for many more trouble-free miles than you ever expected!


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BG Lifetime Protection PLan

Not sure if you want to invest in a BG Automotive Maintenance Service? The Lifetime BG Protection Plan will help you make that decision.
The high quality BG Automotive Maintenance Services listed below are backed by the Lifetime BG Protection Plan. That means, for example, if you get a BG Power Steering Service, repair of the lubricated parts in your power steering system will automatically be covered for up to $4,000!* How’s that for peace of mind with your investment?
To maintain the lifetime protection, all you have to do is stick to the service schedule listed on the BG website.
The Lifetime BG Protection Plan covers seven major systems: fuel, engine, transmission, drive line, cooling, power steering and brakes.

BG Oil System Service

Oil changes are the simplest part of routine maintenance. A Performance Oil Change with BG products is anything but ordinary. BG’s high quality, dealership-recommended products will not only clean your engine and fuel system, but will continue to do so for many, many miles down the road.